Using the sounds of nature to assess the condition of habitats and species

Welcome to Eco-Acoustic

Eco-acoustic is the in-house team at Baker Consultants that specialises in exploring the natural and man-made sounds within our environment. By utilizing the sounds of nature as valuable data on wildlife and landscapes, we assess the condition of habitats and species. Thanks to rapid advancements in machine learning technology and the availability of low-cost programmable recorders, ecoacoustics has emerged as a rapidly expanding and powerful tool for surveying and monitoring biodiversity.

Harnessing Innovative Technology for Farming, Viticulture, Rewilding, Conservation, and Biodiversity

At Eco-acoustic, our approach relies on automated recording devices and refined analysis software to remotely capture and evaluate soundscapes. This method, known as “Passive Acoustic Monitoring,” offers numerous advantages over traditional survey techniques:

  • Minimized surveyor bias
  • Enables surveys of remote and challenging-to-access areas
  • Reduces human impact on study sites
  • Enables data capture day and night
  • Facilitates the collection of large quantities of data
  • Cost-effective and repeatable
  • Applicable above ground, in water, and within soils

Acoustic monitoring methods now provide rapid and reliable data for monitoring the health of ecosystems across diverse settings. Our services find applications in various sectors, including agriculture, viticulture, rewilding, and other conservation and biodiversity monitoring projects.

Cutting-edge services for Environmental Essessment

Who we are

Ecoacoustic is Baker Consultants Ltd dedicated team of ecoacousticians established to promote the use of bio- & eco-acoustic techniques across the ecological and agri-environment sectors. Over the last fifteen years, our experienced team has developed a range of cutting-edge survey and assessment techniques for measuring the biodiversity above ground, in freshwater and in soils. Originally, our use of bioacoustics was confined to surveying bats using high frequency detectors. Over the decades we have developed a wide range of ecoacoustic techniques which can be used for surveying and monitoring birds, insects, amphibians, mammals, entire ecosystems, ponds and even soils.

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